Happy Halloween everyone! First, without further ado, our public pre alpha demo is out! You can find it here. http://demon-legend.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/DemonLegend_PreAlpha_October2019.zip

Big thanks to all our Discord members and followers on Twitter! And if you aren’t yet a member of our Discord, consider joining at https://discord.gg/qshUMUP ! We will be posting any patches to the demo there first for more immediate feedback.

Basic controls:Keyboard: WASD + ERF ,spacebar, I, O

Controller: Xbox: dpad, XAYX, LTrigger, RTrigger, Back, Start.

Special notes: press start or return to start the game after configuring the title options: due note: most of these options do not work currently, they are there as stubs.

Dpad up (or W) to interact with signs and people, the analog stick has a bug at the moment on interaction state / button start.

The special button for Daisuke throws shuriken and uses his grapple: hold up and special to use the grapple, tap special to use the shuriken. You need shuriken in your inventory to use them, get a starter kit by talking to the elder, then the blacksmith.

Hitomi’s special uses her bird companion, Genryu to attack. She also relies on Genryu to backdash, so if he is busy she will have issues during her backdash.

Options stuff: A lot of the options work, some dont (notably keybind stuff). In the options, you can go to the misc panel to turn on speedrun mode to get a timer at the end, and fps to display the current fps in the top right.

We welcome all feedback! Please let us know your experience with Demon Legend so we can make the game better.

(Standard notice: Demon Legend is a Work In Progress, all assets and gameplay can and will change as development progresses)