We haven’t even had time to stop being spooked and we have out a patch for our demo! (which you can find here: http://demon-legend.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/DemonLegendV.03.zip )

Patchnotes for .03:

  • Put the moon back in
  • Fixed some analog issues preventing pressing up to use signs/doors
  • Fixed duplicating spawn issue where static spawns would spawn over themselves on player death
  • Preventative measures on character swapping during dashes to prevent super-flight
  • Perma-red from damage flicker fixed on character swapping
  • Dash tweaks on Daisuke, and anti-stick code / zip stuff to help with some slope issues (more thorough fixes pending)
  • Basic store purchasing
  • Implementation of store item: Extended Grip for Daisuke (increases melee range)
  • Misc art changes, some improvements to trinket shop
  • Two new song tests

Next patch aims to fix some of the ladder climbing / grapple climb up weirdness, and look into some weirdness attempting to jump down thru a section in the platforming area right before the waterfall, among other things.

Thanks again for your support! Please be sure to join our discord at https://discord.gg/qshUMUP and follow us on twitter!