Edit note: Have a report from a single person of exiting the village and the level not loading? If you have this issue occur to you, let us know please (and hopefully can restart from menu and have it work the second time!)

We have another patch ready to help smooth out some of the jank: should be a lot less weird stuff happening now. You can find the new patch here: http://demon-legend.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/DemonLegendV.034.zip


  • Shops now have their own inventory (same items, split up)
  • Anti-stick tweaks for slopes/other
  • Grapple tweaks
  • Climbup jank fixed and ladder fixes
  • Dropdown fixes
  • Mob spawning tweaks (more pending)
  • Melee interruption/character swap interruption fixes
  • Partyswap after death fix
  • Misc ai tweaks/optimizations
  • Falling Platforms Respawn
  • Art: new log sprite, tsuki (extended grip)

Theres one notable fun thing I still need to fix (try grappling up on a falling log near the top) but will get that next time! If you find any other weird stuff, be sure to let us know!

Next patch is going to focus on last core / baseline stuff we need, adding in a lot of missing Hitomi art/animations, and the start of her resource system.

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