Greetings and welcome to our corner of the web, where we will be providing updates on the upcoming 2D, pixel-art based, Japanese lore-centric action game Demon Legend. Where do I begin? I guess where things started, right? Here’s a brief introduction.

Demon Legend actually began as a project called Demon Hunter Daisuke, as a solo dev by myself. The concept was a retro side-scroller that hearkened to the glory days of quirky and unsung 8-bit hidden gems. The project was shelved (even though it garnered some interest), and over time myself and Ikkir (the co-developer of Demon Legend) found we were like minded and “Daisuke” was resurrected – albeit rebuilt from the beginning. Basically – we dig some of the games off the beaten path, as well as the mechanics of classics like Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania 3 just to name a couple (we are continually finding more cool games as we go, thanks to recommendations from you guys).

After a month or two of passing around ideas as well as working on art, music, and programming – we began to feel out a vibe for what we hope is an awesome modern-retro platforming experience. Demon Legend takes place in a parallel world that contains demons, ghosts or “Yokai”. Some of these Japanese spirits can be friendly – others deadly. A dark force has taken over the capital city and has released a miasma, causing mythological Yokai/demons to cross over.

The main protagonist of the game is Daisuke – a cybernetic Samurai demon hunter – along with a cast of playable characters; each with their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses (yet to be revealed – but they are coming). We want to capture some of the mysticism of Japanese ghost tales and folk lore, along with bringing a new experience to the so called “Metroidvania” genre.

Myself (Muta) and Ikkir are working in tandem to bring both of our skills to the project and have been working at a relatively fast pace. Though we haven’t shown much, we will be regularly trading off and posting updates here as well as our our Twitter: