Welcome to Demon Legend DevLog pt. 4! As you might have noticed we have been a little quiet as of late when it comes to updates. This is for good reason as we have been damn busy working on the game! Rather than a development log focusing on one particular element of Demon Legend, this will be a rundown on what we have been doing and our goals.

– Additional playable characters: These take a lot of planning and a wealth of time to actually make sprite sheets for. We may sometimes come across small issues that need tweaking. This has been going very well and more details will come soon. I (Muta) have been super busy fleshing the sprites out for the remaining unlock-able/playable characters, with Ikkir adjusting animations with a second pass to make things even smoother.

– Hitomi w/ her ” Animal Sidekick”: We have recently been posting some footage of the second playable character: Hitomi. Hitomi has a bird companion that assists in in her special abilities, attacks and more. The process of Hitomi’s inception has been in the works for several weeks Ikkir has worked hard in tightening up this character in short order, given her unorthodox design.

– Level Layout/Design: This should be self explanatory – but we are about 2/3rds through level one, designing assets for the rest, and will soon be tackling levels two and three simultaneously.

New FX: We are working with some new effects to add to our various character abilities. Some include effects for back-dashes, teleportation, death, impact and more.

– Music: Ah, music! I (Muta) will be/have been handling the majority, if not all of our original soundtrack. We have a ton of potential tracks appropriate for different situations, levels, and encounters… So look for more about this to come. Inspiration for different moods comes and goes, therefor I am happy and eager to receive your feedback! We plan to involve the community in helping us select tracks for our OST.

– Improved Preview Compression/FPS: We have been adjusting our compression and settings to get the best quality out of updates that we post here, on social media, etc.

Anime Artwork/Character Designs: We are currently having professional anime art made for our characters. These will include portraits, full body illustrations, promotional material, and cut scenes that will bring the pixel world to life in a vibrant anime/manga form.

– Month of May Course of Action: Without going into specifics, we are going to start building an organic community of players both new and old. In order to take it the next level; we will be communicating and interacting directly with our supporters along with giving them some bonuses. So, we hope to provide a look “under the hood” of Demon Legend and our progress.