Just want everyone to know we are still hard at work at getting a demo out for Halloween!

We have mostly been focused on getting intro stuff done, but might not get every little thing in by then. Other than that, we are adding some minor tech stuff, getting in the rest of our shopping system, fixing some bugs, adding some npcs + setting stuff, and doing some terrain alteration.

Its quite possible we won’t get everything we want in by Halloween: thats ok! We are going to push out what we can and get at least something playable by then!

The overall goal for Halloween demo at the moment: Titlescreen, Intro animations, starting area/village with npcs to talk to, shopping, misc functional UI for inventory and options (exit game, resolution, back to title, etc), about 90% of a level playable (end boss not in yet), character swapping functionality for testing two characters, and whatever art updates we can cram in. We also need to get some sort of ending card at the end as well, which goes back to title screen, just for completeness sake.

Be sure to join us for first access to our demo on our Discord (as well as misc updates and discussions)